Operation Military Care

Vision Real Estate Partners located in Parsippany, NJ held a charitable team bonding event on Friday, February 24th to benefit Veterans. TEAM BONDING, the organization that runs the corporate team building events, chose Project Help (for the 2nd time) to be the recipient of the charitable work.

When I arrived, the Vision group was just finishing up and were having a great time. They had packed 18 boxes with a variety of items; some to eat, some to play and others to read.

I was honored to share with them our mission at Project Help, to serve struggling military veterans and their families. There were a couple of Veterans in the group, one of whom I recognized. We had actually met during one of our trips to Lyons Hope for Veterans home — aka building 53 — small world!

We were very well received by their team and they asked some great questions. One gentlemen stepped up and handed me a $50 gift card… I was delighted. Then another and another, to the tune of $300 in gifts. I was blown away by their giving. Several signed up for our newsletter and one has volunteered to help.

I want to thank Team Bonding for thinking of us as recipients and to Vision Real Estate Partners for the kindness shown to me, personally and even more so, to the kindness shown to our veterans.

We are always pleased to go to events like this to spread the word about the work we do for our veterans. It was a great day!

Many thanks for your support and loyalty to Project Help but even more so, your support and love shown to our veterans.

Project Help
Executive Director