Today, 67 Whippany Campus is an award-winning, nationally recognized modern day workplace, and home to a pharmaceutical giant. It all began with a vision of remarkable transformation…

From a functionally obsolete office space in a massive outdated corporate park, incredible redevelopment potential is envisioned. A business environment with a history of producing over 1,000 patents for well-known global brands is reimagined.

The Vision way is soon underway. 194 acres are redesigned. 1.5 million square feet of vacant office and lab space is demolished. An efficient assembly line of raw materials, innovation, talent and vision are put into action.

Reclaimed, repurposed and redeveloped, a bright future takes shape. Innovative office space and an advanced campus design come to life for millennial workforce and beyond.

Vision’s unique hands-on process, passion for innovative futures, and dedication to New Jersey produce a remarkable transformation in both form and function. A future is born.